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A loan with us is money that you borrow at a fixed rate to use for your personal financial needs. You'll pay back your loan in monthly installment payments over a set period of time. However, you can pay your loan off early with no extra fees. Our loans provide an alternative to other lending options, like credit cards, and may even help you build credit if you make timely payments.*

*There are a number of factors that influence your credit profile and credit score. Republic Finance is not a credit repair organization.

No branch near you? No problem

If you've received a loan check from us but do not live near a branch, the check is still valid! We service customers outside our physical branch locations. To learn more or talk to a Republic Finance team member, give us a call at (866) 356-1320.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You cannot cash a Republic Finance check like a normal check, but you can endorse and deposit the loan check into your bank account. By endorsing and depositing the loan check, you agree to the terms and repayment schedule of the loan as described in the attached agreement.
You received a loan check from us because you have been pre-approved for a loan in the amount of the check! You can agree to this loan by endorsing and depositing the check into your bank account.
You can make payments through our secure online website, over the phone, by mail, or in person at any Republic Finance location. To make payments online you can sign up for online access. You’ll see links to download our mobile app for even easier access to your account. For more information regarding payments visit our payment page.
If you would like to take advantage of this loan check you can agree to the terms by endorsing and deposit your check in your bank account. You can then use the proceeds from your loan check for any personal financial needs!
Yes! We offer loan checks even in areas where we don’t have a physical branch or areas where we may not yet offer all our digital options. Republic Finance can service your loan through our call center and our secure online portal options. To learn more, give us a call at (866) 356-1320.
If your offer is expired and you’re still interested in a loan with us, call the phone number listed on the check to ask about your options, or visit RepublicFinance.com to apply.
For any questions, you can call (833) 907-1736.
You can search for a branch location near your area. If you received a loan check from us and do not live near a branch, you can still take advantage of this offer! Republic Finance will help service your loan through our call center and our secure online options. To learn more, give us a call at (866) 356-1320.
In most cases, you can visit or call your local branch for help with any questions you may have. If your check is lost or damaged, the offer is still valid until the date that was listed on your check. Visit your local branch where they can void the old loan check and replace it with a new one so that you’re able to deposit it.
It will depend on your bank. Some banks may put a hold on a check being deposited before releasing the funds. For questions on the expected time for the hold, please directly reach out to the bank where you deposited your loan check.
It takes 5-10 business days to process your information into our system after you deposit your loan check. Then you can enroll and sign in to your account on our secure website or through our mobile app.
Unfortunately, we are unable to send loan checks by request because these offers are based upon eligibility criteria confirmed by a Credit Reporting Agency. However, you can fill out a prequalification online or go to your local branch to get started with an application!