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Looking for a getaway but can’t quite afford your current dream trip? Vacation loans work as personal loans to help you finance for future trips!

As a personal loan, vacation loans are generally installment loans, either precomputed, which consists of fixed monthly payments over a predetermined period, or interest-bearings, where interest is earned daily and is calculated as payments are made.

If you do not have enough savings for your dream trip, a vacation loan from Republic Finance may help cover the expenses for it, no matter where you are planning to travel!

Everyone needs a vacation occasionally, but it can be difficult to save up for future trips. These personal loans may help finance your vacation.

Vacation loans are monthly installment loans that are paid over a fixed period.

If approved for a vacation loan with your trusted lender, Republic Finance, you may be able to get the funds you need for upcoming trip expenses and more!

Vacation loans from your trusted lender, Republic Finance, may help you get the funds you need to put a deposit down for an upcoming vacation, pay for a plane ticket, or get you on the road to drive across the country.

Whether you’re planning a family trip to the beach, taking a trip with your partner across the country, or even finding yourself on an independent excursion across the world, Republic Finance may help you acquire the funds to pay for these expenses!

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If you’re interested in applying for a vacation loan from Republic Finance, there are a couple ways to do so. We take pride in offering incomparable customer service in all our branches.

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We are proud to offer the ability to get pre-qualified online! To see your loan options, complete your pre-qualification process today. And now, qualified consumers may also have the option to complete the entire loan application process for an Unsecured Loan online!
*Not all consumers will be eligible to qualify online.

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How do I apply?

Our interest rates & APR vary due to multiple factors, including credit history, credit score, income, loan amount, loan term, collateral, and the state where you live. If approved, our team members will go over all the details, including term options that fit your lifestyle. Here is what you can expect from the process:

Contact or visit a branch nearest you today using our branch locator tool. You can also get pre-qualified online prior to starting an application in a branch. And now, qualified consumers may also have the option to complete the entire loan application process online for an Unsecured Loan*! The online process, as well as our branch team members will request personal, financial, and employment information in order to provide an immediate decision regarding your loan possibilities.

Our branch team members nearest you will need to verify certain information including, but not limited to, your identity, income, and collateral. Be sure to bring in all necessary information, or you can always reach out to our branch team members if you have any questions or concerns! 

After we have had a chance to review your application and information, our team members will discuss your loan options, answer any questions you may have about the loan, and prepare the documents for you to sign! Upon signing for a loan, our customers are provided with a loan check from our team members that can be deposited at your bank. 

For those qualified consumers who are eligible to complete their entire loan process online, during the online application process, the applicant will need to verify their income and bank account information. If approved, the applicant will then sign their loan documents electronically. Applicants who can verify their banking information will receive their funds electronically via ACH deposit within 1-2 business days.  All other applicants will be able to visit their local branch of choice to pick up their loan proceeds.

Republic Finance welcomes you to our community and would be happy to answer any questions regarding your loan, terms, and payments. Thank you for your business! We look forward to serving you.

Why choose Republic Finance? 

Republic Finance has assisted customers in meeting their personal finance goals for more than 60 years. We take pride in our incomparable customer service, while happily serving more than 300,000 customers in over 220 communities throughout the United States. We specialize in providing a variety of consumer loans and flexible lending options that best fit our customers' needs. You can count on the Republic Finance team to continue our unparalleled service when you need us most!

When applying for a loan in a branch, our team members assist you every step of the way! Any questions or concerns you may have regarding your loan process are happily answered by our team members. If you cannot make it into a branch, you can call the branch and speak directly to our team. You can also get started online today!

*Not all consumers are eligible to apply online. Secured loan options are available exclusively in-branch and will have additional collateral and insurance requirements. Standard loan terms, rates, and origination fees apply based on your state of residence. All loans and renewals are subject to approval pursuant to standard underwriting criteria. Not all consumers will qualify.

*All loans are subject to our usual credit requirements. A valid government-issued photo ID and proof of income are required for all loan applications. Standard loan terms apply based on your state of residence, including rates, origination fees, collateral, and insurance requirements.

**Insurance products offered by Republic Finance vary by your state of residence. For more information, contact or visit your local Republic Finance branch.