Free Online Personal Finance Courses

Strengthen your personal finance knowledge with MoneySKILL® courses brought to you by Republic Finance and AFSA Education Foundation.

What is MoneySKILL® ?

MoneySKILL® is a free online personal finance education program that features a variety of e-learning courses, where you can increase your knowledge on personal financial topics including:

Budgeting, Saving, Auto Finance, Money Management, Credit, and more!

Learn at your own pace, on any device

It pays to keep your financial skills sharp. But when life gets hectic, it can be hard to sit down and study.  

MoneySKILL® is for those who want to increase their personal finance knowledge and enhance their money management skills at a flexible pace. The courses can be accessed on your computer or mobile device.   

Relevant topics to help better manage your finances

Are you building your credit? Working on a budget? Or perhaps buying a car?

Whatever your next move, there’s a great chance that MoneySKILL® has some valuable information for you.

In this e-learning experience, you’ll be able to get a crash course in key personal finance topics, including borrowing, managing expenses, understanding your credit rating, and more.

After each course, you’ll take a short quiz to test your knowledge of the concepts.

Start learning with MoneySKILL® now!


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