Consent for Electronic Signatures, Records, and Disclosures(“E-Sign Consent”).

In this Consent for Electronic Signatures, Records, and Disclosures(“E-Sign Consent”), the words “you” and “your” mean any person giving consent to the use of electronic records and signatures as described below. The words “we,” “us” and “our” mean Republic Finance, LLC, its successors and assigns, and its service providers.  In connection with our financial products and/or services, with this consent, we may choose to provide certain documents to you in electronic form, including but not limited to, electronic signatures, records, contracts, statements, communications, notices, applications, and disclosures (collectively “Disclosures”). This E-Sign Consent addresses your rights when you and we circulate Disclosures electronically. This E-Sign Consent applies to all electronic interactions between you and us, including transactions on a computer or electronic device. We may process your information, interact, and circulate Disclosures electronically.

Description of Electronic Signatures.

You agree that your electronic signature results from your use of a key pad, touch screen, mouse or other device on a computer, mobile device or other electronic access device (each, an “Access Device”) to select an item, button, box, icon or take similar action while you use any electronic service we offer, now and in the future. You agree we can obtain your electronic signature and rely on it to provide access to Disclosures, to have you acknowledge receipt of Disclosures, to have you authorize or give consent for transactions and action, to accept our terms and conditions, and to enter into contracts and agreements with us that are enforceable and binding on you, just as if you signed in writing. You agree that no certification authority or other third-party verification is required to validate your electronic signature. You agree that the lack of any such certification or third-party verification will not in any way affect the enforceability of your signature or resulting contract between you and us.

Multiple Access Devices:
Your acceptance of this E-Sign Consent on one Access Device is also your acceptance on all Access Devices you use. For example, if you view and accept this E-Sign Consent on a mobile device, the terms of this E-Sign Consent will apply to electronic Disclosures accessed on a traditional computer (or vice versa). Additionally, by viewing and accepting this E-Sign Consent on any Access Device, you are reasonably demonstrating your ability to access and view electronic documents in the format the services are provided on that Access Device and all subsequent Access Devices. If you change Access Devices (or use multiple Access Devices), you are responsible for ensuring your new Access Device meets the applicable system requirements and you are still able to access and view electronic Disclosures on the subsequent Access Device. Continuing on other Access Devices is reaffirmation of your agreement to this E-Sign Consent.

To access and retain the Disclosures electronically, you will need to use the following computer software and hardware:
A personal computer, a mobile device or tablet compatible with any iOS and Android software versions, or other device(s) capable of accessing the Internet; access to an e-mail account; and an Internet Browser software program that supports at least 2048 bit encryption, such as Microsoft Edge®, Google Chrome®, Apple Safari®, or one of like kind. To read documents electronically you need a PDF file reader like Adobe Acrobat Reader X® or Foxit®. You will need a printer or a long-term storage device, such as your computer's disk drive, to retain a copy of the Disclosures for future reference. If these requirements change while you are our customer, and the change creates a material risk that you may not be able to receive Disclosures, we will notify you. You may send us your written questions regarding the hardware and software requirements by mail to Republic Finance, Attn: Electronic Records, 7031 Commerce Cir., Baton Rouge, LA 70809.

Obtaining Paper Copies of Records:
You may retain Disclosures by printing a paper copy. You may also mail your request for Disclosures to our address at Republic Finance, Attn: Electronic Records, 7031 Commerce Cir., Baton Rouge, LA 70809. We will provide paper copies at no charge. We will keep all Disclosures as the law requires. Your request for a paper copy of any Disclosures will not, by itself, mean you have withdrawn your prior consent to receive Disclosures electronically. If you withdraw your prior consent for our use of electronic Disclosures and signatures, your withdrawal of consent will not apply to any electronic Disclosures or signatures provided before the date your withdrawal of consent takes effect.
You agree that we may send you an electronic Disclosure by email, fax, or text message using the information you provided. We may request a response or use any other reasonable means which allows you to demonstrate your ability to access Disclosures. You agree to inform us if your email address or cell-phone number changes. You may update such information by notifying us in writing and mailing to the address shown above, or by calling a local Republic Finance branch office. You may withdraw this E-Sign Consent by notifying us in writing and mailing it to Republic Finance, Attn: Electronic Records, 7031 Commerce Cir., Suite 100, Baton Rouge, LA 70809, at any time and at no charge by us or by calling (800) 317-7662. Withdrawing this E-Sign Consent will prevent you from receiving Disclosures from us electronically, and you may no longer be eligible to set-up electronic or recurring payments with Republic Finance. If you withdraw this Consent, the withdrawal will not affect the legal effectiveness, validity, and enforceability of prior electronic Disclosures.


By checking or selecting an item, button, box, icon or take similar action with the E-Sign Consent box or display on our website or mobile application, you agree that:
  • You received, read and agree to the terms of this Consent for Use of Electronic Disclosures and Signatures;
  • You verified that your Access Device and its use satisfy the hardware and software requirements described in this E-Sign Consent;
  • You provided us with a correct and current email address where we may send electronic Disclosures to you; and
  • You consent to your and our use of electronic Disclosures and signatures in connection with any services you request or obtain through our websites, mobile applications, the email address you provided requesting or obtaining financial products and services from us, and any updated email address you may provide in the future using the procedures described above.