We have recently been made aware of fake debt collections calls targeting some of our customers.  The information being used by these fake collectors did not come from Republic Finance and in all cases the fake collector doesn’t even actually know the customer had a debt with Republic Finance. 
Below are some common ways to detect fake debt collection calls and how to handle them:
Red flags of debt collection scams
You might be getting a call from a fake debt collector if you don’t recognize the debt you supposedly owe or if the representative is unable to provide accurate detail on the account.  A few red flags could be:
  • Can’t or won’t provide detailed information about the debt supposedly owed or account details: A few questions to ask are:
    • Date of account
    • Date and amount of last payment received
    • Name of co obligor on the account if applicable
    • If the representative is unable to answer these questions you should call the office number on our website.
  • Won’t give you information about the company he or she claims to represent.  This should include things like name, address and phone number.
  • Asks for a payment to be made via a wire transfer or other untraceable method
Republic Finance will NEVER:
  • Refuse to answer your questions related to the account status
  • Not confirm your demographic information (Address, Phone Number)
  • Tell you that you cannot contact the local branch
  • Fail to provide you with information on how to escalate information within Republic Finance