There’s a world of possibilities when it comes to saving money on travel.

Each transaction, from booking the flights to choosing your accommodations, represents an opportunity to cut costs.

So don’t let soaring travel prices keep you grounded. Save hundreds or even thousands with these seven travel tips.

Sign Up for Travel Alerts

Some websites will track prices for you and send you an alert when you can get the best deal. You might be amazed at how low prices can sometimes get!

A few of the most popular sites include Kayak and Travelocity. In addition to deal tracking, these sites will help you find cheap travel packages, transportation, and things to do.

But you may want to check on some smaller, niche places on the Web, as well. Consider Airfare Watchdog and Momondo.

Fly on a Tuesday

Everyone wants to get out of town on a weekend. As a result, end-of-week prices are higher, the airports are more crowded, and lines are longer.

Instead of being a weekend warrior, try leaving in the middle of the week. Not only will your flights probably be cheaper, but there’s a good chance you’ll get discounted lodging and other accommodations.

Book Flights in Advance

Did you know that airlines commonly announce flights one year ahead of time?

Then, after they release their schedules, they slowly ramp up prices during the year. In the last month, the prices usually jump to their highest levels, which also happens to be the period where most people buy their tickets.

If you can book your flight at least six months in advance, you can save some serious cash.

Travel out of Season

Can you take the heat? If so, you can probably save.

For instance, destinations in hot climates like Florida or Arizona often slash their prices in the Summer. Not a bad deal if you can stay indoors or near a pool!

As a bonus, you’ll likely enjoy cheaper flights, accommodations, and entertainment.

Plan Your Meals

Ever been grocery shopping when you’re hungry and ended up spending way too much on food?

The same phenomenon happens on vacations; price doesn’t seem to be so important when you’re famished and having fun!

To avoid eating up all your money, try choosing your restaurants while you’re still at home. Also, if you’re going to splurge, try to do it for lunch, rather than for dinner. The daytime prices are usually lower and you’ll be less tempted to overdo it.

Travel Light

Experienced travelers know that you can avoid checked luggage fees by minimizing what you carry. Generally, airlines will let you take one carry-on and one personal item before they charge you.

Try to take only what you need to get by. Planning what you will wear every day helps.

If you’re going out for longer than a week, try to find a laundromat to wash worn clothes rather than packing something different to wear every day.

Avoid the Taxis

Taxis and Ubers can be expensive. Unfortunately, so is car rental . . .

You can reserve more of your money for the fun stuff by taking alternative forms of travel, such as buses or trains. One fun way to limit your reliance on automobiles is by renting scooters or bikes, or by taking trollies or trams. If you can book a hotel in a walkable area, that’s even better.

Cheap Travel is a Beautiful Thing

When it comes to travel, the more you plan, the more you’ll save. Besides, planning for a dream vacation can be fun!

So start thinking well in advance of your next trip and try to book flights and lodging ASAP. If you want to travel now and can’t wait, a personal loan can you get on your way with less delay.   


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