[June 27, 2022] BATON ROUGE, LA — Republic Finance unveils a new tool for consumers to use: an online calculator that estimates loan information such as APR and monthly payment.

The calculator is available to use for free on the Republic Finance website here: www.republicfinance.com/monthly-payment-calculator.

While many personal loan calculators exist, the Republic Finance version stands out in that it returns unique information—including chances of qualifying—and goes well beyond generic amortization formulas.

Specifically, the calculator uses actual data from recently booked loans to provide insight into expected loan terms and chances of qualifying based on a consumer’s inputs. As such, consumers can retrieve options for different estimated monthly payments by varying the inputs.

“Now more than ever, consumers appreciate self-service digital options,” says Ashley Ponsaa, Director of Marketing at Republic Finance. “Also, complete transparency has become non-negotiable in this business. Our investment into enhancing our data and analytics capabilities have allowed us to build a practical loan calculator. We strive to be transparent with our prospective customers and this loan calculator is another tool we now have to meet that goal.”

The tool is free for anyone to use and does not require a credit check. In addition to using the loan calculator, consumers can go a step further and submit a pre-qualification inquiry with no impact on their credit.

In addition to the calculator, Republic Finance has unveiled several new technological enhancements this year, including a mobile app that launched in the first quarter of 2022. The company believes its investment in technology and customer service will lead to a better customer experience and greater market share.

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